Borrowers can take credit from abroad without Credit Bureau.

Loan seekers can take out a loan from abroad without Credit Bureau if the creditworthiness in this country does not allow a loan.  This means how creditworthy a loan seeker is. It is largely composed of a sufficient high income, permanent employment and impeccable Credit Bureau.

If there were any payment problems in the past because, for example, an urgent invoice was not paid and has already been dunned, a negative entry in the Credit Bureau can arise. This entry shows the “payment behavior” of a customer. Banks are guided by this and then reject the loan, the risk is too great for them. But what can a loan seeker do when there is an urgent need for money. A loan from abroad without Credit Bureau can then remedy the situation.

The Credit Bureau and its consequences

The Credit Bureau and its consequences

Before banks approve credit, they check whether the customer is creditworthy. In addition to the sufficiently high income that should come from a self-employed activity, the Credit Bureau is an important approval feature. Credit Bureau shows how the customer has met his obligations in the past. Everyone has entries in the Credit Bureau.If someone applies for a loan, opens an account, concludes an installment contract with the mail order company or a cell phone contract, this data appears in the Credit Bureau, initially without evaluation.

Only when one or the other invoice has not been paid, when there is already a legal warning or a credit default, do these entries become negative entries and can have unpleasant consequences. One of them is that a traditional bank doesn’t approve a loan because they fear they won’t see their money again. The Credit Bureau shows corresponding peculiarities.

As a credit agency, Credit Bureau collects data from consumers who transmit its contractual partners such as banks, telephone companies, insurance companies or other financial service providers to it. Credit Bureau is therefore an important authority in all financial transactions. It is recommended for loan seekers, even if no credit is required, to obtain free self-assessment from Credit Bureau once a year,

Then the customer can see if negative entries are noted, which are rightly there or could be deleted, since they are long gone. The customer should know that Credit Bureau is not only important for the loan seeker, but also when renting an apartment. Many landlords ask the Credit Bureau beforehand; if it is bad, it is often not rented out.

The reputable credit broker

The reputable credit broker

If you search for a loan from abroad without Credit Bureau on the Internet, the customer will experience a flood of advertisements. Despite all advertising statements, a serious loan from abroad is possible. If you carry out a loan comparison with a normal loan, the loan comparison for a loan from abroad without Credit Bureau brings very few offers. Most of the offers are provided by credit brokers, and they are dubious agencies.

In most cases, anyone interested in a Credit Bureau-free loan accepts the offer of credit intermediaries. The Credit Bureau-free loan could be applied for directly through the foreign bank, but many customers are very unsure about it and prefer to entrust these tasks to experienced credit brokers. The customer recognizes the serious working intermediary by the fact that he does not require any upfront costs or prepayment.

Also, no insurance contracts should be offered that are supposed to enable or accelerate credit approval. Although the customer will not receive a loan, he pays insurance premiums every month that he does not need. Calling expensive hotlines to get supposedly important information about your credit is nothing more than a ruse. The customer then pays the expensive telephone charges and nothing else.

The reputable credit broker works without all of these things, he has been on the market for years, may also be strong brand-certified or tested by the German Company. Reputable credit brokers do not run lurid advertising, they simply and transparently provide their services to their customers. However, the customer should keep in mind that the work of the credit intermediary is not in vain, but receives a commission after the loan approval.

Loan from abroad without Credit Bureau – the bank

Loan from abroad without Credit Bureau - the bank

The loan from abroad without Credit Bureau now only comes from a bank, which is based in Liechtenstein. A few years ago, the loans all came from Switzerland, hence the name Swiss credit. However, control authorities prohibited these credit intermediaries from granting loans to Germans, as they lacked the necessary banking license. Sigma Kreditbank AG from Liechtenstein has this license and grants a loan from abroad without Credit Bureau.

The loan is advertised easily and easily on the Internet, but the customer still has to meet some requirements. The sufficiently high income that must be above the garnishment exemption limit. The permanent job which must not be limited and does not have a trial period. The loan seeker must be of legal age and reside and have a current account in Germany. There is also an upper age limit, which has recently been set at 62 years.

A bad Credit Bureau does not matter for a loan from abroad without Credit Bureau, the credit is not entered in the Credit Bureau either. However, the bank will take a look at the public debt register. If there are serious entries such as attachments, bankruptcies, enforcement orders or affidavits, the bank rejects the loan.

A specialty of this bank is that it only provides three loan amounts. Once 3,500 USD, 5,000 USD and recently 7,500 USD. The creditworthiness of the latter two loans must be excellent. For the two smaller loans, the employment relationship must have existed for one year, for the 7,500 USD loan it must have been four years.

If there is a garnishment of wages, the loan is also rejected. Because the bank secures the loan through income, in the event of a loan default it will submit the garnishment immediately.

The interest rate on the loans is around 11-12% depending on the credit rating. The terms are 40 months. The credit installment for the 3,500 USD loan is 105.00 USD, for the 5,000 USD credit 150.00 USD and 7,500 USD are due around 220.00 USD.


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